In the Hot Seat with CZ

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You tweeted, and we’re responding. We’ve collated some of the major concerns of the Binance community in 2021, and put CZ in the hot seat. Here’s how it went.

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22 thoughts on “In the Hot Seat with CZ

  1. Blockchain Spartan says:

    There really is no other exchange that even comes close to what Binance offers. I do kinda miss the days when binance didn't give a fuck what anyone said about them. But still, regardless of that change. Hands down the best exchange in the world. Anyone who says different is a hater and jealous. Binance is the worlds biggest bank, and biggest party kinda rolled into one. I have been able to quit my job and change my life because of this exchange single handedly. I work for myself and make nearly 140k last year trading on this exchange. And that is just derivatives profits. Not including what I am holding on dex/bsc Thank u CZ! And happy New Year!!

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